Publish Date: June 4, 2020

Portraits are powerful.. I remember, back in the early 90’s, when I was definitely a “selfie” addict… That was not the word we used though.. I’m not sure there was a word for it back then. It was just – “oh, here comes Ness with her camera, again!!” I was always going to parties/ nightclubs/ anywhere with my point and shoot ready to take a photo of me with someone, or me in front of something. I was really great at judging where the camera was pointing, I had to be because this was a time before you could delete and do it again – a hundred times!! I like to think I was a pioneer of sorts, lol..

So let’s fast forward a decade or two! and remember when the “selfie” first became a real thing, with our front facing phone cameras?

Some people absolutely hated it and thought you were from a different place and time, super vain, vying for attention, or just plain weird (note, I feel their pain, that was me through the whole 90’s/2000’s).

And then on the other side, you had the folks who were pro-selfie. It was the first time ever that it was actually acceptable to post casual photos of your own face on a daily basis. While daunting at first, it was extremely liberating, especially when the likes started coming in.

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I am so grateful that the days of selfie-judgement are over.

Over the years, I’ve learned that the power of a great portrait goes beyond having great content for social media, an album to look back on or wall art for your home.

Here are my top 3 personal reasons for regularly taking portraits.

1.) Portraits inspire me to take care of myself.
When I have my portrait taken on a regular basis, I look after myself more – drink water, eat better, exercise more frequently, and my skincare routine really goes next level. Every portrait helps me see myself, and treat myself better.. What you feel on the inside portrays to the outside!

2.) Portraits help me see myself as others see me.
As a creative, a business owner, mumma, and all the other roles I play in my life, I strive to show up with the best energy possible. Regularly taking portraits helps me understand and see the energy I am putting out into the world, whether it’s good or bad, once I see it I can adjust it.

3.) When I stay on top of those first two points, everything else thrives.
Taking self-portraits indirectly helps my creativity, my family life, my business, my happiness and so much more. When I’m feeling good, treating my body well, putting the right energy out – that’s showing on the outside. In turn, I’m more organised, my photoshoots get better, I am able to enjoy my weekends, and everything falls into place.

If you’ve been on the fence about having a portrait, a makeover, or a boudoir session, this is your sign to jump in and do it! Apart from creating something you will truly cherish forever, the intangible benefits of portraits are powerful.

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