Publish Date: October 31, 2022

The weather, the way of life, and the relaxed culture of Queensland are unlike everywhere else in Australia, which is why thousands of people have relocated in the past two years. If you are fortunate enough to call the Gold Coast, Brisbane, or the Sunshine Coast home, you already know that a swimming pool is one of the finest investments to take advantage of the year-round sunshine.

However, even in Sunshine State, the nights may turn chilly in the last days of summer. Even if the days in the fall and spring are warm, you won’t be able to use your pool because of the cool nights.

Before we get into the expenses of heating a pool in Gold Coast, it is essential to examine two factors: cost and lifestyle.

It’s one thing to calculate costs, but it’s quite another to contemplate how your lifestyle will alter when you may use your pool for additional weeks or even months each year. In addition, a heated swimming pool increases the market value of your home. Why? Because you are selling a fantasy – year-round swimming in Australia’s most gorgeous location!

Pool heating options that you can consider;


Solar is an excellent alternative for pool heating in Gold Coast, as we have about 300 sunny days each year. Solar pool heaters bring water to a collector mat on the roof, where the water is heated by the sun and recirculated into the pool. Solar pool heating utilises renewable energy, making it the most cost-effective and low-maintenance method of heating a pool. It can be installed on tin or tile roofs in about a day and uses very little power to operate – around 18 cents per hour. Combined with a filter pump, it does not affect your electricity bill!


Solar pool heaters depend on the weather and can’t heat the pool 365 days a year, but an electric heat pump can. A heat pump pool heater is a unit that is put near your filtration system and uses heat from the outside air to warm the water before putting it back in the pool.

Modern electric heat pumps use smart control systems and variable compressors to keep the pool’s temperature stable while using the least amount of electricity possible. It’s the cheapest way to ensure you can swim all year long without paying a lot for power.


You can use a gas heat pump if you need to heat your pool very quickly every day. In around 8 hours, a gas heat pump can get a moderately sized swimming pool up to a comfortable 30 degrees. However, ongoing expenditures can be fairly significant due to using natural gas or LPG bottles by gas heat pumps to heat swimming pool water.

Not always the case, but with rising gas costs, we recommend solar heating or electric heat pumps to Gold Coast residents as the more cost-effective choice.