Publish Date: June 4, 2020

Melbourne is widely known for serving up some of the Best Coffee Beans in the world, beating out other coffee capitals such as Italy and Brazil. Melbourne-style cafes are popping up all over the globe in major cities like New York, Paris, and Milan. But what exactly makes Melbourne coffee so incredible? Experts in wholesale coffee Melbourne-wide, Inglewood Coffee Roasters, have the answers.

Melbourne has a long history of great coffee

The history of Melbourne’s coffee culture is just like the coffee itself: rich and blended. Melbourne’s obsession with coffee spans back to the influx of European immigrants to Australia after World War II – specifically Greek and Italian migrants. With them, they brought European espresso machines, which quickly became standard in coffee shops all over Melbourne in the 1950s. The Greek and the Italian methods of brewing the perfect espresso slowly became conflated and resulted in Melbourne’s world-class cup of joe.

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Increased access to quality coffee bean suppliers

The beans used in a cup of coffee heavily dictate its taste. Although Melbourne has always had top-quality coffee, Melbourne cafes have had increasing access to high-quality coffee bean suppliers around the world over the last decade or so. This not only means that a delicious cup of coffee can be found at any cafe in Melbourne – but it also means that there’s no shortage of top-quality wholesale coffee suppliers Melbourne-wide. If you love the coffee served at a certain coffee shop, chances are you can take a bag of the same beans home with you to try to recreate it in your own kitchen. There is also a multitude of local coffee bean suppliers and roasters cropping up all over Melbourne, making a good portion of wholesale coffee Melbourne-made.

Melbourne is full of coffee innovators

Once Melburnians perfected the espresso and the latte, they did not stop there. They went on to invent the flat white in the 1980s, a drink now popular around the world for its smoothness and its creaminess. In more recent years, the batch brew has been making an appearance on menus in certain cafes around Melbourne. It’s a take on American filter coffee, but with slightly bolder flavors that mimic the intensity of espresso. Melbourne’s dedication to constantly improving on the humble espresso has led to a huge variety of coffees being on offer just about anywhere you go.

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