Publish Date: June 4, 2020

Drugs are been consumed from ancient times by people depending upon their needs.

With the evolution of time and the modern period, there is also an increase in the production and intake of drugs and other things.

Even after knowing the side effects of the drug intake, people still continue to consume harmful drugs that have adverse effects on their health.

Are you aware of damiana leaves?

Damiana belongs to the wild category of the shrub as a weed. There are many organic things that are used as a drug after certain processes for enjoyment and smoke purpose.

Well, Damiana is a tiny shrub native to Mexico that can be found in a variety of tropical and subtropical climates.

The herb is said to have been utilised as an aphrodisiac and psychedelic by ancient Mayan tribes.

Damiana was the second most widely utilised herb in sexual performance supplements.

Other than it has several other health benefits. Always choose the reputed websites to Buy Damiana Australia to ensure you get the purest damiana experience.

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Before experimenting with any type of drug, it’s crucial to know its pros and cons to prevent future side effects. Apart from damiana benefits, there are some weak points of it,

  • Damiana can be toxic

Small levels of cyanogenetic glycosides, a type of chemical component found in Damiana, emit hydrogen cyanide, a toxic toxin. According to, the use of significant doses of damiana is associated with negative consequences of these chemicals.

Smoking Damiana

  • Dangerous if interacted with other drugs

Despite the fact that herbal products do not include tobacco or nicotine, smoking them might still be dangerous. Damiana creates tar, ash, and carbon monoxide, similar to tobacco cigarettes, and the smoke is unpleasant and harmful to the lungs.

Damiana should not be used by anyone who takes blood sugar medicine, according to If you have a medical condition like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s, you may face health issues.

  • Allergic reaction

Some people may have an allergic reaction to smoking damiana, though this is uncommon.

Difficulty breathing, throat closure, hives, and facial or lip swelling are all signs of a significant allergic reaction.

If any of these symptoms develop while taking damiana, recommends seeking immediate medical attention.

  • Harmful if taken without proper information

According to, there aren’t many studies on the safety of damiana, and most of what there is focus on taking it internally rather than burning the leaves.

Damiana’s safety for pregnant or nursing women, as well as anyone with liver or kidney illness, is unknown.

Toxicity to cyanide is a problem because cyanide in the body can harm a foetus or a nursing kid.

Internal use of damiana leaves can drop blood sugar levels, therefore if you plan to Rosin Presses leaves, be cautious if you also take blood sugar-controlling medicine.


The smoking drug is fine but everything should be done within the limit, everything that is over is harmful.

Going with proper research and expert advice can be helpful to prevent future issues. Damiana Tea Australia is best for treating headaches, depression, upset stomachs and many more.

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