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About Xpress 2U Couriers

Gold Coast Courier

Need an item picked up?

We carry anything that can fit in there vans, from an envelope through to skids, flowers, building material, paint, A4 boxes, large boxes, small boxes, furniture, one item or a van load, we do it all.

Xpress document delivery? we can help

Gift or flower delivery? we can help

eBay/Gumtree item pick up & delivery? we can help

Can't get to the Post Office/shop to pick up a parcel/item? we can help

Have you locked yourself out of your house or car? need your spare keys delivered? we can help

Can't get off the job site but need materials picked up? we can help

We offer a Regular service, 3-4 hour pick up/delivery time , Xpress service 1-2 hour pick up/delivery time, or a Straight 2U service which is picked up by the first available driver who will go straight to the delivery destination without stopping.

Prices start at $9

Have your goods/items/freight today!

'U Ring, They Bring'


Contact us by phone 07 5679 8593 or email pickup@xpress2ucouriers.com.au to place a booking.



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