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The Best Mobile Spray Tans on the Gold Coast!

When it comes to getting the right tan you can either go in-store or use a mobile service. Each have pro’s and con’s. The problem with in-store spray tans is getting home without getting marks all over you from your clothes, seat belt, handbag or bumping into things. They are however slightly cheaper as you have to spend the time traveling and the fuel to get there. Mobile spray tan services are very convenient as a professional will come to you, set up the spray tent and spray you in the comfort of your own home saving you the time and money.

What types of spray tans are available?

Be sure to ask the spray tan company the type of product they’re using before booking. Ideally it should be green based colour (which gives off a natural olive colour suitable for all skin tones). The higher quality the tanning solution, the better quality the tan will be, the better it looks, the longer it will last, it will fade better and not leave your skin dry. It pays to spend a little more to get a quality tan than try and save $10 or $20 and be left with a tan you can’t wait to get rid of. The latest products can be washed after only 2 hours, however there are other solutions available which can be washed after 4, 6 or 8 hours.

Naked Tan

Naked tan is a green based tanning solution (so you won’t turn orange). It has a rich deep shade which quickly turns into a natural tan you can wash off after only 2 hours.

St Tropez

St Tropez is a great option for those who want a lighter colour or more natural tan. This is the number one sunless tanning product in Europe. This solution is green based and can be washed after 8 hours.

Mine Tan

Mine Tan is fast acting, it can be washed after 1 hour for a light to medium tan or after 2 hours for a medium to dark tan. This solution is violet based creating a darker natural looking tan.

How much does a spray tan cost?

It depends on a number of factors like whether or not it is in-store or at home, what quality product is used and how far the travel is. Generally for a good quality mobile spray tan service it costs between $45 to $55 and $10 for an extra layer. For a good quality in store spray tan it costs between $35 to $45 and $10 for an extra layer. Beware of cheaper alternatives, a $30 orange streaky tan that you end up hating is not worth a $55 tan that gives you an amazing sun kissed glow. Invest a little more and be satisfied with the result. Check us out today for all your tanning needs!  


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