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Over the years I've seen many a chalkboard standing outside restaurants, bakeries, florists, anywhere for that matter and have noticed the message it was trying to convey wasn’t effective nor was it visually appealing and on many occasions missed the target market. In 2012, I decided to embark on a mission to put my love for art and my passion for design together with my experience in marketing and advertising. As a result, Smooth Chalker was born! Now, every day I get to give those tired, smudged and neglected chalkboards a much needed makeover. I am a firm believer that a chalkboard that catches the eye and displays the right message, is an extremely effective form of advertising. If something looks attractive and gains your attention, you stop and take a look. Its human nature! It’s the same with advertising – successful advertising brings customers through the door. Simple! Chalkboards are easily accessible, can be of all different shapes and sizes. They are an “in your face” form of advertising whilst being one of the most affordable ways of gaining new customers. Chalkboards give that unique ‘homely’ and ‘warm’ feeling. They are more personal than a poster displaying a ‘Daily Specials’ that’s come straight off the production line from a printing factory and your customer has more than likely seen it before in many other places. It’s not original or unique in any way, shape or form. Chalkboard art is original, unique and interesting and will always provide a talking point. On many occasions it’s the difference between a customer walking straight by and a customer walking by, stopping then looking at the board and coming inside consequently resulting in a sale. When creating a new chalkboard design I apply certain principles to my work. I believe a chalkboard should not only catch the eye of your potential customers, it should also capture their imagination. I take immense pride in my work. In its uniqueness, quality and your reaction as you see your new art for the first time. My artwork is always on time, within budget and on target. Feel free to browse my portfolio - I look forward to creating something unique for your business soon… Andrew Spinks Owner/Operator Smooth Chalker  


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