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Our lawyers understand that the process of estate distribution can be complicated and stressful. If a loved one has recently passed away, a lawyer can help you determine estate heirs, distribute assets and pay creditors. If the Court appoints you as the executor or administrator, you have certain responsibilities where you may need the help of an estates lawyer. As any lawyer will tell you, an executor is a person that is given responsibility over an estate following the passing of a loved one. An Executor is put in charge of carrying out asset distribution per a Will or Trust. Executors, administrators and trustees are examples of those who have a fiduciary responsibility to beneficiaries of a deceased individuals’ estate. We are often instructed to act on behalf of executors when other members of the family and sometimes other beneficiaries of an estate object to the actions of the executor. In other cases, simply due to the challenges that come with administering an estate can be a lot to handle. In addition to dealing with the loss of a loved one, you must now quickly learn about your roles and responsibilities as an executor and assure the safe and honest transfer of assets from your loved ones estate to future generations of your family. This is an important time filled with important decisions, one that requires the assistance of an estate lawyer.  


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