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Living with IT was created to deliver a more nurturing, patient service. Our aim is to take the ‘GEEK’ out of your computer problem and replace it with a patient, trusted fix that is timely and hassle free. We understand our customers have busy lives and we know that it can be a painful experience to get a computer fixed, particularly when you are not an expert. You can feel stressed and unsure if someone is taking you for a ride and ripping you off. I know nothing about cars and I dread getting my car repaired, luckily I have an excellent mobile mechanic whom I trust to do the right thing by me and who is available when I need him to be. We strive to be trustworthy, and available to our customers and go beyond our customer’s expectations at every chance we can get. A COOPERATIVE OF TECHNICIANS Living with IT is a cooperative of extraordinarily talented technicians that combine their talents to meet each of our customer’s unique requirements. No technician knows everything about computers and so a team is on hand to select the right technician for your job. Some technicians are allocated To regions, some like working late at night, some are experts in computer builds whilst others are computer network masters. Every call that comes in Is different, so a different technicians is on hand to match your needs. The technicians are: Hand-picked based on their personalities, communication skills and also their skill set They dress well and smell nice They communicate well and are house trained They are unflustered and can work whilst being interrupted by small children and overly eager dogs Please make them welcome in your home, communicate with them clearly, praise them when they have done a good job and you will have a committed technician who will go beyond the brief to help you out every time. Our team would LOVE to help you with the following: Fix sluggish computers with multiple problems in one hit Virus or spyware removal Hard drive and memory replacements and upgrades New computer – email, Internet, printer set up Computer upgrades Start-up problems and slow computer problems Internet security and online safety issues Replacement laptop screens and keyboards Advice on software Virtualised server environments Networks set up – wireless or cabled for home or office large or small Media players and laptop screen repairs Computer sales and software sales  


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