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KenZen Self Defence Training specialise in martial arts, self defence, public safety and security training on the Gold Coast.

SERVICES / COURSES KenZen Self Defence Training specialise in martial arts, self defence, public safety and security training on the Gold Coast, Queensland. KenZen operate weekly classes and short courses out of the local Gecko Hall in Currumbin as well as personal one-on-one training sessions at various locations throughout the Gold Coast. KenZen can also bring the training, equipment and resources to your workplace, school, home or a location, at a time, that suits you. WEEKLY CLASSES CURRUMBIN GOLD COAST Currently we hold two classes a week at the Gecko Hall and we are looking to add further classes in the near future as our club continues to grow. The classes are 1 hour in duration which arguably creates a learning environment that is more efficient and productive and at the same time offers the participant the opportunity to train with intensity throughout the duration of the session. All classes begin with a comprehensive warm up routine followed by hard techniques such a striking, kicking and pad work. Soft techniques such as blocking defence, escapes, locks and throws will then be practised and followed by specific self defence scenarios which include weapons. The classes typically wrap up with controlled sparring (for intermediate to advanced students only) grappling, wrestling, ground fighting, cardio, strength and conditioning circuits. PERSONAL TRAINING & CORPORATE GROUPS As previously mentioned, KenZen can also bring the training, equipment and resources to your workplace, school, home or a location, at a time, that suits you. We can tailor regular classes or courses to suit your needs for individuals and/or corporate groups. Our specialists also conduct security surveys and risk assessments to identify the specific threats your workforce may face in order to deliver the most appropriate self defence course. Holding a self defence course at your workplace is a great team building exercise which will improve staff morale, personal confidence, increase security awareness and assist in breaking down social barriers amongst staff. It is also a great way to promote an active and healthy workplace. WOMEN’S SELF DEFENCE GOLD COAST KenZen specialises in women’s self defence as our techniques are simple and effective without having to use strength or power. Learn how to defend yourself from larger/stronger opponents and escape from any grab or hold in a safe training environment. KenZen self defence training is also a great way to burn off calories and keep fit while learning real self defence. We currently have ladies training in our regular classes from various age groups ranging between 11 to 60 years of age. WEAPONS DEFENSIVE TACTICS GOLD COAST KenZen incorporates weapons defence in all of their classes as knives, glass, bottles, batons etc become more and more prevalent in assaults in today’s society. Learn how to prevent and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim in an unprovoked attack and learn how to defend yourself when threatened with readily accessible and commonly used weapons. We will also teach you how to use regular items you carry each day as a weapon to defend yourself with in the event you are faced with no other options but to stand and fight back. KIDS ANTI-BULLYING & SELF DEFENCE COURSES GOLD COAST We tailor anti-bullying and self defence courses to suit children of both primary school and high school ages. Our courses are delivered in three modules; beginners, intermediate and advanced and we cover victim prevention, situational awareness, respecting others, stranger danger and cyber-bullying. SPECIALIST SECURITY COURSES GOLD COAST We offer specialist short courses for dedicated security officers and martial artists that want to grow as an individual and further develop their skill sets. KenZen has an array of guest instructors that are specialists in their field and have extensive backgrounds in military, policing, security and martial arts. Some of the courses we offer include: Kyusho – the art of pressure points – learn all the vital points of the human body and how to manipulate them to your advantage in either a combat situation and/or as self healing therapy. Knowing the vital points of the body will mean all the difference in surviving an attack against a larger, stronger and motivated aggressor. Advanced Control and Restraint Tactical Course - this course is a must for Security Officer's and Crowd Controllers working in or around licenced venues. Learn how to safely and effectively control and restrain/remove aggressive, intoxicated patrons. Advanced Baton and Handcuffs Tactical Course – learn advanced techniques for deploying, striking, retaining and removing batons as well as effective joint locks, pinning and handcuffing techniques against the ever present resisting and aggressive offender. Close Personal Protection Course – learn real body guarding and close personal protection from operators that have extensive experience in providing protection to VIP’s, Government officials and foreign delegates in Australia and abroad. Protective Security Advisor – learn how to conduct protective security surveys, threat assessments, vulnerability assessments, security risk assessments, security plans, security intelligence reports and advise others on the implementation of protective security measures. Please be advised, course positions are limited and a course selection process is strictly followed. Criminal history checks will be undertaken and not all applicants will be approved to attend our specialist courses. In order to gain entry to KenZen specialist courses you will have to demonstrate a genuine interest and a professional requirement to attaining any of our specialist qualifications. To find out if you qualify send us an inquiry from our Contact Us page today. PHYSICAL SECURITY SERVICES GOLD COAST KenZen can also provide physical security services such as Body Guarding and Close Personal Protection for clients in the state of Queensland, Australia. HEALTH, SAFETY, SECURITY & ENVIRONMENT CONSULTANCY GOLD COAST KenZen have the expertise to deliver HSSE consultancy in the following areas: Work Health and Safety (WHS) WHS Management Systems Environmental Management Systems Emergency Management Risk Management Public Safety Compliance Information Security Security Intelligence Protective Security Crime Prevention Please contact Carl for further details and an obligation free quote today. - See more at:  


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