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Gold Coast based, Croatian family owned & run fine foods butcher and European deli located at Shop 7 Brown Street Labrador.

Gold Coast based, Croatian family owned & run fine foods butcher and European deli located at Shop 7 Brown Street Labrador. With over four decades of experience in the smallgoods industry and a taste for passion you can be assured of top quality. We are proud to announce that our facility and our methods are fully accredited by Safe Food Queensland. We manufacture boutique styled Fresh and Smoked products to the food industry. With a wide range including: Spanish Chorisos, Smokey Kabana, Kranski, German Bratwurst, vegan & vegetarian recipes. The list goes on. Our fresh sausages are preservative and gluten free so you can be assured you’re buying the healthiest and the tastiest products around. All of our recipes are original and traditional from Europe and around the world. We are the Manufacturer / Wholesaler / Retailer - Direct to Public Grobnik Fine Foods offer wholesale options for we supply Café and Restaurant owners looking for fresh, top quality products. For more information on wholesale goods please email or call us on 0401 723 406 and we will discuss your requirements and make a time to come out and provide samples. We also allow chefs to taste test our products to ensure they are meeting the right requirements for the business. Our butchers are always onsite, experts and leaders in the field of european fresh and smoked products with Josip having over 4 decades of experience in the industry under his belt already. We have developed an extensive range of products and are the Gold Coast’s major smallgoods manufacturer. We produce authentic European meat products the old fashioned way using only natural herbs and spices, natural casing, authentic European wood chips for all our smoked ranges and we are the specialists in the manufacturing of fresh gluten and preservative free products, products to meet the ever-increasing demand for European delicacies. Grobnik Fine Foods have a commitment to use high grade meat cuts, 100% Australian grown and supplied meats and fresh ingredients utilising traditional old age techniques during the entire product development stage is continuing to provide the consumer with premium products, excellent presentation and most importantly, the highest of product quality. Grobnik is Safe food Queensland Accredited. We supply products to the hotel and restaurant trades, wholesale distributors and we supply Direct to the Public from our retail shop located on the Gold Coast in Labrador. we manufacture all our very own product lines all in house, products that are also gluten free with no artificial preservatives or colours added. We also hot smoked onsite, we have woodsmoked hams, bacon and a huge variety of smoked products from smoked pork hocks, Ribs, Chorizo, Cheese Kransky, Plain Kransky, spicy Kabana, Plain Kabana, Chabai, summer salami, Italian salami, Beef salami, Beef Hot kulen, Pork Hot kulen, Panchetta, Speck,Frankfurter, Gluten and Preservative free fresh sausages, over 13 different flavours to choose from, Italian, Chicken Shitake mushroom and baby spinach, Pork Shaved apple and apple cider, German Bratwurst, Curry Chicken, Fresh Chorizo, Rio FireCracker, Mexican chicken salsa, Beef roasted onion and burgundy wine, Curry Pork, Lamb mint and fetta, Chicken Parmigiana, Filipino longanisa and we offer a large range of continental delicatessen, groceries, sweets and cheeses. We offer free taste testing onsite at our shop and at all our market stalls. If you are a cafe, restaurant chef or owner, need product that stands out, want the best quality tasting products around please, feel free to either make contact with Marko or come instore and taste our quality on First bite.    


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  • 9 Brown St, Labrador QLD 4215, Australia

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