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Effective Hypnosis for Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, Fears and Phobias, Past Life Regression

Hypnosis is totally safe and effective mostly, whether you wish to lose weight or stop smoking hypnosis can help. Past life regression is helpful when a person suffers from conditions without any known cause, such as fear of drowning. Reviewing past lives can remove such fears and give the client insight in present-day relationship conflicts. Past life regression can arouse dormant talents the client possessed in a previous existence. Wouldn’t it be worthwhile to access hidden talents from your past? Often you can find out and understand your life purpose revealed to you by a spirit guide or your higher self. Understanding Karma built up during past lives will enable the client to make positive changes this time around. When you experience the richness of emotions from the past and see past mistakes, you grow in maturity and spiritually. Knowledge allows you to stop repeating old patterns that do not serve you, and gives you the incentive to change and become a happier and contented person today.  


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