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If you want ice cold draught beer at your next party or event, you need to

Get Tapped is the latest and greatest way to have beer on tap, wherever you need it. A system that doesn't leak or condensate means you can have it indoors or out, providing ice cold beer straight from the keg to your glass. There is no power required, the system is fully self contained and comes complete with internal LED lighting, meaning you can change the colour of the bar to suit your party theme. The creaters of Get Tapped were sick and tired of trying to enjoy draught beer but getting stuck with a system that doesn't work, or just leaks all over the place. So they put their heads together, designed and tweeked, tested and adjusted for months so that they could bring you nothing less than the best! So go on, try it yourself! Take some time out and enjoy an ice cold beer straight from the tap; just remember to spare a thought for those that slaved away so that you didn't have to! Enjoy!  


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