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Some artists live in one part of the Universe of Art and explore a theme or themes. Gayle is strongly attracted to the exploration of different mediums, across the whole Universe of Art. Currently working mostly in the mediums of Epoxy Resin and the ancient 2000+ year old medium of Encaustic, as well as Acrylic Flow art and charcoal drawings. Her early years involved mostly oil, acrylic, and charcoal, with forays into watercolour, pastel and acrylic. With these mediums, I have explored abstract, portraits, landscape, figurative and surreal. Recently, Gayle's life changed to allow more time for art, leading into a vigorous exploration of the two new areas of art - Resin and Encaustic. At the same time, her life also changed with my marriage to a scientist with an interest in astrophotography and, with him, she is exploring combining star images with charcoal drawings to convey the meaning of the Universe of Stars. During her Honours year at La Trobe University Bendigo in 1996, a recurring theme in her work was of reviewing the fate of abandoned human manufactured constructs in the natural environment. During Bachelor and Post Grad study, her inspiration was abandoned farm machinery in a series called: Aftermath of Insatiable Desire: In a further progression her focus became weathered shipwrecks. Shipwrecks can provide an understanding of the past and are connected to our cultural heritage. They teach how the environment and human error can destroy or damage each other, and provide a record of past trade and communication. Historically, transportation of people and supplies was by ship, and today this is still a viable option. But the ocean can be an unforgiving place, and inevitably, some percentage of voyages end in shipwreck. “The Last Fleet” was exhibited at the Gold Coast City Gallery from 6 February to 20th March 2016. Also featured in the Galleries tab is husband John Reichelt's gallery of Astronomy Images and a collaborative series with Gayle Reichelt called The Life Cycle of Stars.  


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