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Why Choose Solar Panels? Aside from the impact of cutting your household's carbon footprint by tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions a year, solar units can drastically reduce your electricity bill in two distinct ways. Firstly, by generating your own electricity from the solar panels you reduce the electricity you need to buy from your power provider. Secondly, any excess "Green" electricity your system produces is sold back to the power provider – and at a higher rate then what you pay for standard electricity. These two benefits mean many households will be able to reduce their electricity bill by up to 100%. Adding value to your home and property. Another often overlooked benefit is that the solar units increase both the energy rating and value of your house. As the need for alternative energy solutions is rapidly increasing due to rising power prices, having a solar system installed on your home will be an investment as well as an asset therefore enhancing the long term value of the property Our 3 Easy Steps to Solar: Step 1: Consultation Step 2: Quotation Step 3: Installation Call 1800 822 653 and talk to a Empyreal Energy International Consultant Today!  


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