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Carpet Dry Cleaning Regular carpet cleaning keeps your home fresh and safe for the whole family. We also specialise in Spot and Stain Removal. So if the after effects of the party or the last in-law visit is still lingering give us a call. Flood and water damage repair services are also offered. Mattress Cleaning We spend over a third of our lives in bed. It is a fact however that no matter how clean your home may be, your mattress will almost always contain bacteria, fungi and dust mites in quantities that are at potentially dangerous levels, all feasting on your dead skin. Dust mites are microscopic in size and feed off the dead skin cells dropped from our bodies. Dry Clean Machine is able to remove dust mites and skin cells from your mattress and also provide a service to decontaminate and remove human stains, such as blood and urine. Leather Cleaning. The look and feel of leather upholstery can do wonders for the appearance and value of your home. As we all know, leather is expensive and hard to maintain but Dry Clean Machine has the answer. Your Dry Clean Machine technician can perform a full restoration clean and condition of your leather lounge often bringing it back to new. Upholstery. Apart from carpet cleaning. Dry Clean Machine specialises in upholstery cleaning. Our qualified technicians can breathe life into your fabrics and furnishings ensuring their value for years to come. With specialised training and chemicals, our technicians can often clean fabrics that our competitors can’t and remove marks that you thought were there forever. We are also able to protect you fabrics for years to come with our fabric protection service. Air Conditioner Cleaning. You can reduce your energy usage up to 10% by having your air conditioning system cleaned. Air Conditioner Cleaning by Dry Clean Machine removes the mould, dirt and dust from your air conditioner. The removal of mould and contaminants will enable your air conditioner to function effectively, dramatically increasing cooling and the health of your home.  


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