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Specialists in Water & Air Treatment

We at Brauer Industries we are a group of specialists of air and water purification through the use of Ozone 1. To name a few uses of Ozone 1, it will help us cleanse water at fish hatcheries, sanitize large volumes of grey water or reuse in industrial applications, like dust suppression and washing industrial equipment, sanitizing storage drums at a ginger processing facility, and deodorizing and sanitizing poultry farms. We at Brauer Industries would like to promote the use of less chemical in all the water facilities that we have and instead start using water filters for all our needs. Our Product & Services: A) Domestic Pool 1) Sanitation Systems 2) Chemical Controllers 3) Pool Cleaners 4)Pumps 5)Filters B)Commercial Pool 1) Primary Sanitation 2) Secondary Sanitation 3)Pool Cleaners C) Custom Air & Water 1) Cooling Towers 2) Odour Control  


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