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Sadly the majority of personal trainers today have very limited exposure to extensive on-the-job training before starting in the industry. On top of this, the certification process has become extremely compromised due to a literal explosion of providers, all trying to get on the ‘make a buck bandwagon’ with eager newcomers to the fitness industry. Tragically this has lead to an overall drastic drop in the quality of education and trainers across the board, sad but true! At Innate Health Solutions part of our slogan is ‘World Class Personal Training’, and we stand by that 100%. Our training is world class and so are the results that we achieve. We guarantee our results or will give you your money back – we go one step further and will train you for free until you get your desired result (provided you can show proof of having followed our protocol to a T, fair is fair). In over 20 years of experience as a health researcher and teacher the common element I see missing from most people teaching fitness is their lack of understanding of what health actually is. As mentioned throughout this site, fitness is not health, it is a very small part of health yes, but there is much more to it than simply improving the look of the body on the outside. The most important part of improving a person comes from improvements that are made on the inside first. As my Naturopathic teacher taught me, environment is everything. By this he meant external and internal. For health to be present, the internal environment must first be correct.  


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