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WHY YOU NEED A DASH CAM AS YOUR SECOND SET OF EYES -Did you know that the average Australian person spends 6 years driving in a car and about 26 hours a week in traffic! Touch wood, as no one ever wants to have an accident, but if you have the unfortunate situation arise it’s your second set of eyes. The outlay of a small investment now could end up saving you thousands in the long run. Dash Cam Professionals advises the greatest logical reason to install a DASH CAM is to allow the re- assurance of protection and safety for yourself in case of the unexpected in the event of a crash or accident. Not to mention the hassle of finding proof and explaining it wasn’t your fault. This effectively eliminates the “He said” “She Said” Insurance Companies highly regard the evidence produced from Dash Cam Owners as it assists greatly to solve and establish the outcomes of disputes. Some Dash Cam Cameras are are now equipped with GPS features which also enables the user to identify the exact speed and co- ordinates of the vehicle. Due to the ever increasing cases of insurance fraud it’s a bonus to be able to confirm and produce the absolute truth in an undesirable situation. Once again in the event of an accident the more information and details that you have on hand and can provide to an Insurance Company the better. Also ask how many times your vehicle has been dented and bashed into while it has been parked un- attended in Car Parks? The assurance of having a Dash Cam installed is it will automatically start recording in your vehicle if the car is hit or damaged while it is stationary through the G sensor. Naturally this allows you to track down the culprit and the vehicle details. Dash Cams allow you to report the drunken and drug affected people who behave and drive erratically on the roads. Now with the ever increasing dis- respect of road rules, having and knowing a DASH CAM is present in your own vehicle can really become a deterrent to other reckless driver’s habits. As DASH CAMS become more widespread and prominent across roads on a global scale it will change the mentality of drivers for the better. They will become more consious of their own driving habits. Footage with the correct encoded time and date stamp as well as a clear recognisable image of the vehicle can be presented to the police and acted upon accordingly. Here at DASH CAM PROFESSIONALS we are making the roads everywhere from Global to Australia safer one car at a time and we are encouraging a more courteous driving culture to other motorists. WHY DASH CAMS FOR ROAD SAFETY Our main goal for providing dashboard cameras is to improve general driver awareness, security and safety on the road. Having the necessary information that a driver needs could help him/her become safer when driving. Our own team has become more careful when driving with dash cams. Fleet managers also have good things to say about the result of using a dashcam. Reviewing your dash cam recorded videos and those of others could help you become more aware of the potential risks that you may experience on the road. In case you were involved in an accident, you can use the video as evidence to show what really happened. Our team also hopes that these video recordings would help leaders, engineers and scientists to find better ways to improve road safety.  


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