Pilates & Yoga at Miami

Best view and friendliest atmosphere on the coast to practice Pilates and Yoga

Want a different kind of exercise that will work you out without the bootcamp feel? Want to practice in a place that is friendly and free of judgement? Want to do Pilates and Yoga in whatever weather but still be on the beach? Pilates & Yoga are great and safe exercises for everyone. Learn how to strengthen and tone the body while remaining or increasing flexibility.

Some people have used Pilates practice to help relieve themselves of back and body pains due to varying reasons from occupation, injury or skeletal issues such as Scoliosis. Pilates can help strengthen and control the muscles of the entire body with a particular focus on the core. It has helped people with sporting goals as they look to achieve a stronger body.

Yoga (Hatha Yoga) focuses on balancing the energies of the body. It uses different poses to help the practitioner focus their mind and create a clarity of thought. By focusing on the breath through the movements (Asanas) practitioners can feel a greater sense of clam and mental space during and after practice that can then carry onto their regular daily life practices. These poses whilst used to focus the mind are also fantastic for conditioning and strengthening the body while remaining flexible.

There is no need to worry about your ability in these classes as options for beginners to advanced practitioners are given in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

All classes are at Miami SLSC with a view you would normally pay millions for, you will only be paying $10 per class!


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Pilates & Yoga at Miami