Patchwerx Transdermal Skin Patches

Next Generation Transdermal Skin Patches

The field of transdermal medication is a recent and under-serviced area of modern medicine. The popular (but incorrect) belief that the human skin is impermeable has barely allowed an exciting prospect to vastly improve our capacity to self-treat for various conditions in a safe, cost-effective and convenient way.

PATCHWERX is a family owned and operated business situated at the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Our products are locally sourced and manufactured to the strictest standards to ensure reliability, value and efficacy. Many years of effort has been invested in research and product development which is ongoing and will soon result in further exciting additions to our distinctive product offerings.

  • All our skin patch products are guaranteed at full strength, and made to highest grade quality.
  • The skin patches are free from plastic & latex, and are made from a medical grade adhesive, they are also alcohol free, so are Halal and Kosher compliant.
  • All Patchwerx Skin Patches are compatible to each other.
  • We are 35 year Fully Qualified Veterans of the Herbal, Health, & Weight Loss Industries. Our staff members hold Bachelor of Science Degrees, & Dip Nat. Dip Hom. Dip Chem, & Bachelor of Education Degrees, & Senior Commercial Pilot’s Licences, & many, many more.
  • Each transdermal skin patch is as thin as a piece of paper, they are adhesive and you wear it for three days, discard, then replace with a new skin patch.
  • Open the sealed sterile envelope and take out 1 sheet, gently peel a patch off with the tip of your fingernail.
  • Place the patch on clean and dry skin (no moisturiser, tanning cream, and powder, oil, not damp from the shower or sweaty) and press very firmly.
  • All patches come in a sterile sealed envelope plus outer card envelope that you need to store them in to keep them at full potency and stickiness.
  • Our ingredients are locally sourced, and all our skin patch types are manufactured safely in Australia in our sterile laboratory, to the strictest GMP International Standards to ensure the highest quality, safety, reliability, value and efficacy.

Feel free to contact us at +61 435 239 115 or at 0435 239 115. You can also email us at

Patchwerx Transdermal Skin Patches