Evans Lawyers

More than just a typical law firm

Evans Lawyers is an Australian based law firm with offices in Brisbane and Gold Coast servicing private clients. The firm’s founder and Managing Partner, David Evans has created a firm with an ethos to work on legal solutions that add value to our clients, rather than just providing technical advice.

We have total flexibility to tailor our approach to our clients’ exact needs and deliver astute, business-savvy advice designed to achieve excellent, timely and cost efficient results. Our approach comes from understanding our clients and their business and emphasising service from a legal and commercial perspective, a trait that is all too often missing in modern day law firms.


What We Offer;


Corporate & Commercial Law

It includes laws relating to companies and securities, contracts, bankruptcy, financial services regulation, banking, and finance.

Property Law

Australian Property Law is the system of laws regulating and prioritising the rights, interests, and responsibilities of individuals and corporations in relation to “things”.


Litigation law refers to the rules and practices involved in resolving disputes in the court system.


A company is insolvent when it can not pay its debts as and when they fall due. One of the key indicators of this is a lack of cash flow and resources to physically pay on the due date.

Family Law

The break down of a relationship is often difficult. Things can get complicated when there are disputes about the children and/or property that cannot be resolved.


Evans Lawyers